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  • Barramundi Fish Fillets


    Cone Bay barramundi mature in the pristine ocean waters of the Buccaneer Peninsula on Western Australia’s remote Kimberley coast. This top-grade mild tasting fish is especially favoured by professional chefs for its superior clean taste and consistency.

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    $24.00per 500g

    $ 24 per 500g

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  • Bronze Whaler Fillets


    Bronze whalers are a local species found in the pristine waters of Geographe Bay, south-west of Western Australia. Bronze Whaler are firm pink fillets that flake delicately when cooked, are low in fat content and deliciously sweet to eat.

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    $18.00per 500g

    $ 18 per 500g

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  • Dhufish Fillets

    Bunbury, WA

    The West Australian Dhufish is an Australian seafood icon. Only found in deep ocean waters off the Western Australian coast, it is regarded as one of the best eating fish species in Australia. The superb white flesh is deliciously flaky, succulent, and delicately flavoured. Simply pan-fry or grill with olive oil, a little butter, salt & pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.

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    $44.00per 500g

    $ 44 per 500g

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  • Flathead Fillets

    Port Sampson, WA

    Flathead fillets
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    $28.00per 500g

    $ 14 .

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  • Garfish Fillets

    South Australia

    Garfish are the slender, silver darts of the sea. Sourced from Australia’s Southern Ocean, the backbone and tiny rib bones have been removed for your cooking convenience. The delicate nature of these thin fillets cooks quickly. Lightly dust in flour or breadcrumbs and pan-fry in butter with a squeeze of lemon.

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    $33.00per 1kg

    $ 33 per 1kg

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  • Pearl Perch Fillets


    Point Samson Pearl Perch are named because of the mauve ‘pearl sheen’ found on the back of their heads and shoulders. These white fillets are flaky and sweet tasting when pan-fried, barbequed, oven baked or steamed.

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    $25.00per 500g

    $ 25 per 500g

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  • Spanish Mackerel Fillets

    Shark Bay, WA

    Spanish mackerel are a popular mild tasting fish. The high omega-3 fat content of this fish makes the fillets ideal for shallow/deep frying or for smoking.

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    $25.00per 500g

    $ 25 per 500g

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    Australia’s Atlantic salmon is sourced off the coast of Tasmania. High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon is delicious simply grilled; or marinated in Teriyaki or miso and oven baked.

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    $24.50per 500g

    $ 24.50 per 500g

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  • Robinson Bream Fillets


    Robinson Bream are a highly sought-after table fish found along the northern coastline of Western Australia. These white fillets are delicious pan-fried, barbequed, oven baked or steamed.

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    $21.00per 500g

    $ 21 per 500g

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  • Swordfish Steaks

    Fremantle, WA

    Swordfish is a mild to medium tasting white fleshed fish with a meaty texture. Cook on a hot grill or barbeque and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon.

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    $ 6 each

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  • Tuna Steaks

    Fremantle, WA

    This pink/red meat has a silky texture and a clean ocean flavour. One of the best ways to serve tuna steak is to sear the outside, leaving the inside deliciously rare, tender & succulent. Often served with a vibrant and fresh sauce Vierge.

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    $ 7 each

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  • Prawn Crumbed Cutlets

    Shark Bay, WA

    Frozen crumbed prawn cutlets
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    $16.00per pack

    $ 16 250g pack

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